All of our dishes are freshly prepared to order, ask your waiter to adjust the level of spice in your dish.

0. Noodle Soup (Kuai Tiao)
A classic Thai soup with a base of our very own home made paste with a kick.

Chicken 6,75€
King prawns 8,85€

1. Classic Tom Yam soup (Tom Yam)
We use Botanico’s home made “Tom Yam” paste to make a classic hot & spicy clear soup with a kick & mushrooms

Chicken 6,75€
King prawns 8,85€

2. Tom Kha Soup (Tom Kha)
We use Botanico’s home made paste to make a soup with coconut milk, mushrooms & Thai herbs

Chicken 6,75€
King prawns 8,85€

3. Thai Style Chargrilled Spare Ribs (Sikhomg) 9,35€
Our special blend of thai herbs & spices are dry rubbed into the ribs which caramelise when cooked on our chargrill, served with a Thai dipping sauce

4. Prawn, Squid & Sweetcorn Fishcake (Thod Man Talay) 7,80€
Light & crispy, made with king prawns & sweetcorn served with sweet plum sauce

5. Satay (Satay)
All of our skewered satay dishes are marinated with cumin & coriander & accompanied with a duo of freshly made peanut satay sauce and a cucumber & onion vinaigrette, available in:

a) Chicken (4 pieces) 9,10€
b) Fillet steak (4 pieces) 11,45€
c) King prawn (5 pieces) 11,45€
d) Vegetable (4 pieces) 7,25€
e) Mixed (1 of each) 10,40€

6. Thai Fish Cakes (Thod Man Pla) 7,80€
Light &  uffy, made with  sh, served with a dipping duo of onion& cucumber vinaigrette, sweet chilli sauce & peanut vinaigrette

7. Vietnamese Spring Rolls (Nam Thod) 6,75€
Minced pork & prawn blended with shredded oriental vegetables seasoned to perfection& wrapped in a crispy rice paper wrap with a peanut vinaigrette

8. Thai Vegetable Spring Rolls (Pho Phiaphak) 6,25€
Filled with glass noodles, mushrooms, shredded veg & thai herbs served with a sweet chilli dipping sauce

9. Spicy Mussels (Hoi Maleangphu ob) 13,50€
Fresh mussels steamed to perfection in a spicy Thai marinade & topped with torn basil, coriander & lime with lashings of coconut cream

10. Thai Golden Bags (Tung Thong) 6,25€
Finely minced chicken with our special blend of smashed Thai herbs generously rolled into balls & wrapped in a wanton paper & sweet chilli sauce

11. Prawn Paper Roll (Kung Hom Pha) 12,50€
Tiger king prawns wrapped in a sheet of light & crispy rice  our pastry served with a sweet chilli dipping sauce

12. Sweet & Sour Chicken Wings (Peek Gai Thod Namn Deng) 8,30€
Crispy coated chicken wings with our tangy Thai rice wine and sweet & sour sauce

13. Egg Dipped Fried Thai Pork Toast (Kanompang na moo) 6,75€
Finely minced pork mixed with traditional fresh Thai herbs & spices on toast, dipped in egg,  ash fried & served with a sweet chilli dipping sauce

14 . Thai Oriental Special Mixed Hors d ́oeuvres (Ruam Mit Starters) Price per person 11,45€
Chicken satay skewers, Thai spring rolls, thai pork toast, prawn paper rolls & Thai ribs (min. 2 people) with a duo of sauces

15 . Fresh King Prawn & Vegetable Vietnamese Wraps (Pho Pia Sod) 6,75€
Seasonal shredded vegetables tossed with freshly torn mint & chopped coriander, layered with tender sliced king prawns and wrapped in a light rice paper pancake. Served with a dipping sauce

16 . Salt & Pepper Crispy Chicken Wings (Peek Gai Thod Sa Moon Phai) 8,30€
Tender chicken wings stir fried with chillies, peppers, onions, lemongrass & freshly squeezed lime

20. Luxury Glass Noodle Salad (Yam Woon Sen) 10,40€
Fine glass noodles tossed with chunky tomatoes and cashew nuts in a chilli vinaigrette and minced chicken & king prawn

21. Green Papaya & King Prawn Salad (Som Tam Kung) 9,85€
Shredded green papaya with king prawn, tomato, carrot, green beans & smashed peanuts

22. Thai steak salad (Yam Nua) 11,70€
Strips of prime  llet steak seared with Thai herbs served with crisp lettuce & oriental vegetables dressed in Thai vinaigrette

23. Thai Botanico Salad (Yam Thai Botanico) 9,85€
A sweet green bean salad, tossed in a rich coconut curry dressing and topped with king prawn & sliced chicken breast

24. Thai Seafood Salad (Yam Talay) 12,50€
A seafood of squid, mussels & prawns with tomato, onions, coriander & fresh lime

25. Laap Gai (Lab Gai) 9,10€
Finely diced chicken breast, spring onion & red onion are tossed in a zesty dressing of lemon juice,  sh sauce & dried chilli  akes *this is traditional Thai  nger food served with crisp iceberg lettuce & cucumber to scoop up your laap gai

26. Cucumber Salad (Tam Teng) 8,55€
Shredded cucumber and plump cherry tomatoes sprinkled with crushed peanuts in a light oriental dressing

28. Masaman Curry Lamb 14,05€
A 4 hours slow braised deep, rich curry with potato, aubergine, onion and cashew nuts

30. Green Thai Curry (Keang Kiew Wan)
A medium hot strength creamy curry made with coconut milk, crunchy  ash fried runner beans, courgette & bamboo  nished with a touch of coconut cream

31. Red Curry (Keamg Deang)
A medium red curry sauce with lychees & crunchy fresh vegetables

32. Yellow Curry (Keang Kari)
A light mild fragrant yellow curry sauce mixed with pineapple, vegetables, topped with torn basil

34. Red Peanut Curry (Panang curry)
A special mix of Thai spices & ground peanut curry sauce

Available in:

Chicken – Tender slices of chicken breast 8,85€
Fillet Steak – Tenderized slices of prime fillet steak 14,80€
King Prawn – Saltwater caught, cleaned & shelled 14,00€
Crispy Duck Breast – A slow marinated sliced duck breast 13,80€
Pork – Best loin of pork 8,55€
Squid – Scored for extra tenderness 9,35€
Fish – Fillet of battered hake 12,50€
Vegetable – Crunchy fresh generous serving of seasonal vegetables 7,25€
Tofu – Fried Tofu 7,80€

37. Chilli and Basil Seabream (Pla Sam Rod) 16,60€
Crispy fried boneless  fish covered in a thick sweet chilli and basil sauce

38. Sea Bream in Lemon, Chilli & Garlic (Pla Nueng Naow) 16,60€
Steamed  fillet of sea bream drizzled in a light sauce made with fresh lemon, chilli & garlic

39. Sea Bream Steamed with Red Curry Sauce (Chu Chi Pla) 16,60€
Filleted sea bream coated in a deep red curry sauce

40. Sea Bream in Banana Leaf (Pla Yang Bai Tong) 16,10€
Fresh sea bream with lime, coriander & lemongrass wrapped in a banana leaf & steamed

41. Weeping Tiger Fillet Steak (Nua Yomg Jim Jeaw) 17,70€
Tender  fillet steak served with our spicy inhouse “nam jim jeaw” sauce

42. Waterfall Pork (Nam Tok Moo) 13,00€
Juicy strips of sliced pork char grilled then tossed in fresh chilli, mint and red onion. Dressed with zesty lime juice to enhance the flavour

43. Ban Tam Chicken in a Green Curry with honey & Black Pepper Rub (Ban Tam Gai) 14,00€
Slow roasted chicken on the bone grilled & rubbed with seasoned honey for a sweet tender  finish then drizzled in spicy green curry sauce

48. Sweet Basil & Sweet Chilli Tomato Reduction (Sam Rod)
Diced onion, green & red peppers in zesty sweet tomato reduction

49. Red Pepper and Lemon Grass Sauce with a Red Chilli Kick (Ran Dang)
Our sauce made from freshly puréed red pepper & fragrant lemon grass,  finished with spicy chillies

50. Thai Style Cashew Nuts (Phad Med Mamuang)
Carefully selected vegetables cooked to retain their natural juices, mushrooms & cashew nuts for that crunchy and light traditional dish

51. Zingy Sweet & Sour Thai Style (Priew Wan)
Rich and thick sweet sauce with a kick of spice for that extra zing to perfectly balance out this dish

52. Mixed chilli & Sweet Basil (Phad Kra Praow)
A typically East Asian blend of spicy chillies, garlic & torn sweet basil for a deeply  flavoursome & fragrant dish

54. Coriander, Garlic & mixed Peppers (Phad Kra Tiem Prik Thai)
A fragrant dish, coriander perfectly complimented by crunchy peppers, dried lime leaf & garlic

55. Coconut Cream with a Chilli Kick (Phad Kati)
Crunchy vegetables simmered in a coconut broth topped with freshly chopped chillies & mushrooms

56. Ginger & Garlic (Phad King)
Fresh ginger & mushrooms, with a generous amount of smashed garlic to bring out the  flavours of the oriental vegetables in this dish

57. Cracked Black Pepper & Garlic Sauce (Pik Thai Dam Phad)
Rich &  flavoursome with crunchy onion, mushrooms, garlic, peppers & spring onion

Available in:

Chicken – Tender slices of chicken breast 8,85€
Fillet Steak -Tenderized slices of prime  llet steak 14,80€
King Prawn – Saltwater caught, cleaned & shelled 14,00€
Crispy Duck Breast -A slow marinated sliced duck breast 13,80€
Pork -Best loin of pork 8,55€
Squid -Scored for extra tenderness 9,35€
Fish -Fillet of battered hake 12,50€
Vegetable -Crunchy fresh generous serving of seasoned vegetables 7,25€
Tofu -Fried Tofu 7,80€

In Thailand side dishes are a big part of the meal, made for sharing, they give meal time a really sociable feel typical in thai culture


69. Thai Speciality Pineapple Rice (Kao Phad Sab Pa Rod) 9,85€
Authentic Thai rice dish combining diced chicken breast, prawn, vegetables and pineapple, raisins & topped with cashew nuts

70. Egg Fried Rice with Peas (Kao Phad Kai) 3,60€

71. Steamed Fragrant Jasmine Rice (Kao Suay) 3,10€

72. Coconut Rice (Kao Kati) 3,60€

73. Botanico-Special Basil Fried Rice (Kao Phad Kra Praow) Chicken 7,25€
A traditional thai dish with fragrant sweet basil & crunchy vegetables Prawns 8,30€

74 . Sticky Pearl Rice (Kao Niew) 4,65€


75. Phadthai (Phad Thai)
The national dish includes, egg, spring onion, tamarind & crunchy peanuts with a lime side for personal seasoning

Prawns 9,85€
Chicken 8,85€

76. Glass Noodles (Phad Woon Sen) 9,35€
Glass noodles with diced chicken, mushrooms, sliced king prawns, mushrooms & julienne vegetables with a classic Thai dressing

77. Phad Se Ew (Phad Se Ew) 9,85€
Stir fried  at rice noodles mixed with oriental vegetables chilli and slices of steak

78. Botanico Phadthai (Phad Thai Kai Hor) 13,00€
Using all the traditional ingredients: peanuts, egg & coriander with the addition of king prawns & diced chicken, wrapped in an omelette basket

79. Plain Phadthai Noodles (Phad Mee Lueng) 5,70€

80. Gai Lan (Phad Ka Na) 7,80€
Stir fried blanched crunchy gai lan leaves in a light chilli & garlic sauce, which compliments this Asian spinach perfectly

*IGIC not included