The BEST days always begin with brunch!

Вы заслуживаете того, чтобы чувствовать себя расслабленным и отдохнувшим, наслаждаясь особенным днем, наслаждаясь тайской кухней высочайшего качества в компании своих любимых людей.

В Thai Botanico вы можете насладиться двумя восхитительными блюдами, включая напиток, всего за 18 евро!
Также доступен вариант безлимитных напитков.

Не ждите, а просто забронируйте свой следующий бранч сегодня! Plan your next brunch date today!

Authentic Thai Cuisine

Friendly, welcoming staff

Relaxed, tranquil terrace



Available 13:30 – 15:30

LIGHT BRUNCH – A + B with 1 drink 19.50€
(or upgrade your drink to a glass of Möet Chandon Garden Spritz +2,70€)

BRUNCH – A+C with 1 drink 24€
(or upgrade your drink to a glass of Möet Chandon Garden Spritz +2,70€)

BOTTOMLESS BRUNCH – A+ C with dessert of the day 32,50€

*BOTTOMLESS – House Wine, Cava or cava cocktails or soft drinks for 2hrs

(or upgrade to bottomless Möet Chandon Garden Spritz +9€)


Purchase 1 bottle of Möet Chandon Garden Spritz for only 22€ (normal selling price 32€)


  • Chicken Tom Yam Soup

    We use Botanico’s home made “Tom Yam” paste to make a classic hot and spicy clear soup with a kick & mushrooms

  • Thai Vegetable Spring Roll

    Filled with glass noodles, mushrooms, shredded veg and thai herbs served with a sweet chilli dipping sauce

  • Cucumber Salad

    Shredded cucumber and plump cherry tomatoes sprinkled with crushed peanuts in a light Oriental dressing

  • Egg Dipped Fried Thai Pork Toast

    Finely minced pork mixed with traditional fresh Thai herbs and spices on toast, dipped in egg, fl ash fried and served with a sweet chilli dipping sauce


  • Egg Beef Chilli Rice

    Stir-fried diced beef, sweet basil, chilli and mixed peppers over bed of jasmine rice and topped with spiced fried egg

  • Chicken Satay Jasmin Rice with Pickekled Cucumber

    Chicken marinated with cumin and coriander over a bed of Jasmin rice and topped with pickled cucumber, satay sauce and an onion vinaigrette

  • Spicy Chicken Noodle Broth

    Diced, tender chicken breast, thick rice noodles and mixed Chinese vegetables all blanched in light and spicy clear rich broth

  • Thai Botanico Land & Sea Salad

    A sweet green bean salad, tossed in a rich coconut curry dressing and topped with king prawn and sliced chicken breast

  • Tofu Pad Thai

    Diced tofu tossed with egg, spring onion, crunchy nuts in a house tamarin sauce



  • Lamb Massaman

    A 4 hours slow-braised deep, rich curry with potato, aubergine, onion and cashew nuts

  • Bam Tam Chicken

    Slow-roasted chicken on the bone grilled and rubbed with seasoned honey for a sweet tender finish then drizzled in spicy green curry sauce

  • Tofu Ginger Garlic

    Fried Tofu, fresh ginger and mushrooms, with a generous amount of smashed garlic to bring out the flavours of the Oriental vegetables in this dish

  • Red Chicken Curry

    A medium strength red curry with lychees & crunchy fresh vegetables

  • Ribs

    Our special blend of thai herbs and spices are dry rubbed into the ribs which caramelise when cooked on our chargrill, served with a Thai dipping sauce

  • Phad Thai Chicken

    The national dish includes, egg, spring onion, tamarind and crunchy peanuts with a lime side for personal seasoning


  • Our chefs special dessert of the day

  • 90. Куриные нагетсы 9,20

    Куриные нагетсы в панировке, классические чипсы и запеченная фасоль

  • 91. Куриные шашлычки 9,20

    Подмаринованные куриные шашлычки с яйцом и жареным рисом с горошком

  • 92. Куриная лапша Phad Thai 9,20

    Настоящая лапша Phad Thai с нежной курицей и яйцом

  • 93. Жареный рис с курицей 9,20

    Настоящий тайский жареный рис с яйцом и нежными куриными ломтиками

  • 95. Филе стейк 13

    Стейк из филе Праймкат (125 г), чипсы и запеченная фасоль


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